Zensense, makes sense…

At the moment we are stocking our four shops with handmade, hand carved oak pendants. We have our best seller ‘Christmas Tree Pendant’ at several outlets, textured relief painted Christmas tree with Danish oil polished and smooth. Adjustable string and gift bag supplied. Can be worn as pendant or decorate the string for a beautiful Christmas tree decoration that will last.

Looking forward, we have a beautiful design that will make a beautiful Valentines gift for the one you love. Coming soon in the beginning of 2010.

Kundalini, is one of our most popular at the moment, measuring 73mm x 27mm x 8mm has beautiful detail and curve.

To view is possible in photobucket when searching for: zensense accessories.

This is a website we have setup where it is possible to buy your Oak Christmas Tree Pendant:Website…

We hope to be of continuing service to you.

Carme and Jason


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