How to make enough money to survive in the current economic climate

To make

enough money to survive in the current economic climate, but to not use too

many resources in that pursuit. Zensense’s priority is to build a business with a

reputation for fast, friendly service, with top quality unique products.

That company is dedicated to serving you. Offering good quality in each of your

products. Zensense standards come both from Carme and Jason, Jason

working in the wood industry, collecting over 20 years experience. His

standanrds excel. Carme’s quality comes from being a full time hairdresser for

the last 8 years, giving her fantastic attention to detail. This also gives her an

edge on what is chic in fashion with insights into coming trends. Together they

create all the unique designs they have made up until now.

This fresh company looks for your pleasure.

Contact Zensense by telephone: 0044 7871 913640

By email:

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