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Thank you to you

for looking at our kundalini pendant, and our stuff that we’ve been doing. We are making more to share with you all soon. Really many thanks Carme and Jason Advertisements

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Seductive to the eye

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GO GET IT NOW! Oak – is also known as Duir, which is the seventh letter of the Ogham tree alphabet and corresponds with the letter D. Oak has firm and durable wood that has always been highly valued. Parts … Continue reading

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Don’t go here and make more orders for us

we’re too busy

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Salt N Pepa – Shoop ( Classic )

Appreciated if you can shoop to our website. Zensense (the real green man) wooden Pendants and Carvings.

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Wise Merlin is on his way

If you’re interested you can join our site, only takes two minutes. Then every time we have new crafts, we can send you an email telling you details around the time. Zensense site.

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Camomile tea is great help you relax

Had a cup earlier and I feel much calmer now :o)

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